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Repairman (LSA) Inspection - Airplane

Course length: 16 hours
$389 (includes a trial EAA membership)

    *** FAA Accepted Course ***

FAA regulation §65.107 allows the owner of an Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft to earn a Repairman (LSA) Inspection rating by attending an FAA accepted course. Successful completion of the course allows you to perform the annual condition inspection on any Experimental Light Sport Airplane you own. (See Also Important Information Below.)

EAA has applied for and received acceptance of this course (“workshop”) in accordance with FAA Order 8000.84. The course is 16 hours in length. Students must be in attendance for the entire length of the class. A student missing any of the scheduled class time will not be allowed to take the test. No make up time is allowed. Students must pass a 50-question test with a score of 80% or better to receive a certificate of completion. An unsuccessful student will have to re-enroll and retake the entire class to retake the test.

In order to receive your repairman certificate, you will have to present the certificate of completion to your local Flight Standards District Office. Complete information on how to do this is presented as part of the course information.

The FAA requires this course be presented as a 16-hour program. Depending on the location, the course may be presented as a Saturday – Sunday offering or a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday offering. Check the Attendee Information to see the details of the location that you plan to attend. Short refreshment breaks and a lunch break each day are a part of the timetable.


The repairman certificate earned during this course is only applicable to aircraft certificated as Experimental Light Sport - Airplane.

It IS NOT valid to obtain a Repair / Inspection Certificate for an aircraft with an Airworthiness Certificate in the following categories

Experimental Light Sport - Weight Shift (Trike)

Experimental Light Sport - Powered Parachute (PPC)

Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) Factory Built Light Sport Aircraft Ready To Fly

Experimental Amateur Built (Homebuilt from plans or a kit)

Experimental Exhibition

Standard Category Aircraft (i.e. Piper J-3 Cub, Aeronca Champ, Ercoupe, etc.)

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