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EAA SportAir Workshops
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RV Assembly

Course length: 2 days
$389 (includes a trial EAA membership)

EAA is offering weekend assembly workshops for those interested in acquiring the skills necessary to assemble the popular RV kit aircraft.

Based on a similar format used in all workshops, the RV course will include such topics as; the FAR's pertaining to amateur-built aircraft, tools required, workshop requirements, insurance, engine and propeller selection, flight testing, etc.

The main portion of the workshop will be "hands-on" experiencing the techniques necessary to assemble the airplane.

Saturday morning we will begin with a discussion on basic sheet metal construction.  After a classroom presentation, you will then spend time practicing the skills required to work with sheet metal.  A practice project will be completed to allow you time to develop your skills. 

Saturday afternoon you will start the main sheet metal project-a small airfoil section patterned after the RV wing.  Assembly of this airfoil will include the majority of skills necessary to build the aircraft.

Most of Sunday morning will be spent actually completing the airfoil project started on Saturday.  You will become very proficient in all of the basic sheet metal skills.

Sunday afternoon we will review some of the problems associated with building the RV.  In addition, weight and balance, rigging, painting, etc. will be discussed.   After completion of this workshop you will certainly have the confidence level needed to begin or complete your RV aircraft.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of this course by Van’s Aircraft, which supplies the special sheet metal practice projects for each participant. For information on purchasing a RV aircraft kit, visit

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