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Gas Welding

Course length: 2 days
$389 (includes a trial EAA membership)

This gas welding workshop will give you practical welding theory along with hours of actual experience using oxyacetylene welding techniques. This is a two day course presented in conjunction with the family of workshops presented by EAA. Our goal is to show you the basics, give you a solid understanding of what welding is all about, and to help you discover that you really can build or repair your own airplane.

The following is a brief outline of the material presented.

    • A detailed discussion of all safety aspects involved with gas welding along with definitions that you will need regarding welding will be presented.

    • A considerable amount of time is spent teaching you the basics needed concerning how to select the equipment you need and how to properly set up the torch and the flame.

    • After learning the basics of the flame, you are then taught how to do steel welds including running a bead, fusion welds, running a bead with welding rod, butt welds, lap welds, and fillet welds

    • The majority of the first day is then spent practicing welding techniques.

    • Tubing types and set ups are then discussed and practiced.

    • The second day is spent practicing welding under the supervision of the instructor.

    • It is unreasonable to expect those with no previous welding experience to become accomplished welders after a two day workshop. However, we will give you the confidence necessary to purchase and use your own system. You also will leave with the basic knowledge that will allow you to practice and become very proficient.

Class size is limited to 12 students per instructor to insure individualized instruction. At the end of this workshop you will be very familiar with basic gas welding techniques and you will be able to practice your new skill to a high level of proficiency. You will take home a workbook to use and a diploma to proudly display.

    “Excellent hands on instruction. Great workshop.” - Clayton C. from Texas

Two gas welding workshop students practice their new skills.

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