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Fabric Covering

Course length: 2 days
$389 (includes a trial EAA membership)

The Fabric Covering workshop is just one of a family of workshops presented EAA. It is an intensive 2 day course on general fabric covering techniques using the Poly Fiber covering process. Other covering processes are covered in general form.

The course begins promptly at 8:00 with a discussion of safety issues and general fabric covering. The course is designed to present the methods of covering in discussion form followed immediately by practical hands on experience for each step. The students actually cover a DC 3 aileron from the preparation stage all the way through the completion of spraying on colors.

The following steps are presented and accomplished:

    1. Surface Preparation

    2. Installation and securing fabric including use of fabric cements.

    3. Shrinking the fabric which also includes proper iron selection and calibration along with precautions necessary to insure proper tautness.

    4. Application of the first chemical coat and the importance of bonding to the fabric for subsequent coats.

    5. A detailed discussion follows on attaching the fabric to the wing ribs using the various methods including rivets, fabric clips, pop rivets, and actual instruction in rib lacing techniques. You become proficient in tying the modified seine knot used for this step.

    6. Upon completion of the rib lacing, the surface is "dressed" placing on all finishing tapes, drain grommets, inspection rings, etc..

    7. The surface is then ready to spray. Spraying techniques are discussed along with required coats, etc.  Where we have the appropriate facilities and weather, a High Volume Low Pressure spray system is used and you actually practice spraying the surface.

The course is concluded with a repair of the just completed aileron. At the completion of the two days you will have the confidence and skills necessary to cover your airplane. The majority of the course is hands on practical experience. You make your mistakes on our aileron not on your airplane.

The course size is limited to provide 1 instructor for every 15 students.

You will receive an informative workbook and a diploma to proudly display. Fabric covering can be the most satisfying experience of building or restoring your project. This course will save you literally thousands of dollars in labor costs compared to having someone cover your airplane.

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